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Acne Scar Treatment – Tips To Remember

Acne Scar Treatment – Tips To Remember

Acne is a skin condition that affects a majority of people at some time or the other in their lives. Handling the acne breakout is not that difficult as it lasts for only a short time. It is the scars that cause a problem to many, as they can remain permanent and a source of embarrassment in some people.

There are various acne scar treatment options available in the market today ranging from topical skin creams to surgery. However the best thing you should do for your acne scar removal is to prevent acne attacks in the first place.

One of the best things you can do to prevent acne attacks is to wash your face on a regular basis. It is better to wash your face daily using a mild antibacterial soap. You can also prevent acne by avoiding heavy lotions and creams on the acne prone regions of your face.

Make diet modifications

Make modifications to your diet to prevent acne. Drink more of water to flush out the toxins from your system and eat a minimum of 5-6 portions of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday for protection from acne.

A very important tip to remember to prevent acne scars is to avoid touching pimples. Piercing pimples only leads to scars that may lead to permanent marks; so no matter what, avoid touching pimples as much as possible.

To choose the best acne scar removal product for your skin, you have to learn more about the various types of acne scars. Ice pick acne scars are generally sharp and narrow where its skin looks sliced or punctured. There is no effective acne scar treatment for scars that run so deep.

Dermal fillers as acne scar treatment

Boxcar acne scars are round or oval in shape, and will respond to some acne scar treatment options if they don’t penetrate your skin so deeply. However your conventional acne scar treatment options are not effective on rolling scars that are actually spots found under the skin surface.

Of the many products for acne scars, dermal fillers inject fat, bovine and human collagen to give your skin a more even and smoother look. This is not a permanent solution for your acne scars, and have to be repeated for best effects.

In case of deeper acne scars, punch excision is the better acne scar treatment where the entire scar area is removed and its surrounding skin is sutured with skin usually taken from behind the ear. Though you find a scar here, it is not that noticeable as noticeable scars are rectified using skin resurfacing.

Laser resurfacing

In case of deep boxcar acne scars, punch elevation is the best acne scar removal method where a particular tool is used to remove the scar after which the skin is elevated to normal skin level and then sutured together.

Lasers resurfacing is also a famous acne scar removal option which works by burning the top skin layer, which is replaced with healthy and new skin over time. It is up to your doctor to decide on the best acne scar treatment option to use for your acne problem based on the type of acne you suffer from.

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