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Acne Laser Rosacea Treatment – Get Rid Of Marks

Acne laser rosacea treatment is being offered by many cosmetic outfits and many people have opted for such treatments. Acne rosacea occurs in people within 30-50 years of age. The cheeks and the nose are most common areas affected by this inflammatory disease. The chin, forehead, chest, scalp and ears may also get affected. First a few pimples may occur some of which may have pus followed by tiny blood vessels that appear on the face giving it a flushed or reddish appearance. The disease may progress into a condition called Rhinophyma.

Acne laser rosacea treatment has indeed made a drastic change as people are symptom free. Such treatment gives them a chance to look youthful, have a more even color, free from the flushing/redness associated with rosacea. VBeam Pulsed Dye laser and Intense Pulsed Light (laser like light treatment) have both been successful in treating patients suffering from rosacea. The VBeam laser has been used in treating patients with vascular problems since the last two decades. Many are treated using a combination of the pulsed dye laser as well as the IPL technology. A non coherent, broad spectrum light is emitted by the IPL device which is used to treat rosacea. The light is absorbed by the skin and it successfully destroys the abnormal vessels reducing the redness

Acne laser rosacea treatment is done using the VBeam dye pulsed laser. An intense burst of laser is directed at the affected area. This is safe on the skin as the skin is cooled seconds prior to the laser treatment by a dynamic cooling device. The small blood vessels in the area absorb the light which greatly reduces the redness.

It is recommended that patients seek the guidance of a qualified healthcare practitioner before they decide to opt for treatment. This consultation is crucial as it helps the dermatologist to determine if it is safe for you to get treated based on your health, skin condition and family history. The Acne laser rosacea treatment is best done after a patch test has been performed. Be sure to find out how many treatments may be required. The procedure may cost $100 - $450 or more per session for a laser treatment where as an IPL treatment may cost as much as $3000 for the entire treatment process. The treatment is done with gaps of 3-4 weeks between each sitting.

The patch test is required and you need to wait and see if any redness, swellings, sores and/or hypo/hyper pigmentation occurs. If there are no adverse reactions to your patch Acne laser rosacea treatment you may be advised on what you can and cannot do two weeks prior to the treatment. It is better not to consider going in for a treatment if you are planning a pregnancy or are pregnant.

The skin may appear to be reddish and swollen for 1-2 days after treatment. In some cases hypo/hyper pigmentation may occur which may be permanent, scarring is possible too. It is best that you consult a physician who is reputable and has successfully treated many other people using the Acne laser rosacea treatment technology.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Acne Cure.

The Acne Cure. by Ckint Jhonson

Every fitness and health market is overwhelmed by the presence of a wide range of acne treatments that are advertised in order for people to rely n them when suffering from severe acne; but you should not rely only on the advertisements when it comes to choosing one acne treatment. On the contrary, you must ask for professional advice that must come from a skin expert. You will also have to stay way from the acne cures that were proven to have remissive effects because you should look for a treatment that has long lasting effects without having to worry that your acne condition is likely to reappear someday. Regimens are to be started and you will also have to pay attention to the cures that are to be used in order to prevent the reappearance of this skin condition that can even dampen your self esteem and confidence. Prevention is the key but if you have already developed a severe acne form, you may consider finding a good doctor in order to follow his future advice. You must stay away from personal experiments because they are likely to worsen your condition.

Therefore, you have to get the required acne cure and you must stick to its rules in order to achieve long lasting effects; you will have to do your homework as well in order to find which type of cure is likely to work in your case and you may even try to find a prevention method that will help you stay away from this condition. The acne skin products are to be carefully chosen in order not to damage your already suffering skin; you have to treat your acne and even prevent it because this skin condition can actually take over the entire social life that you have enjoyed until now. The acne products are to be combined with the proper regimen in order to get rid of this problem. The acne treatment is to be combined with other methods in order to get rid of the acne scars as well because these scars may take some time in order to heal for good. These scars are quite slow when it comes to their fading and they can also influence your social life in a negative manner. Therefore, you will have to get rid of them as well in order to become socially fit again.

The acne scars are likely to be formed when the human body is trying to protect itself; the healing process will come along with these ugly scars that are likely to damage the skin’s appearance. For instance, you can use Vitamin A on a regular basis in order to hurry up the healing process but you will have to ask for your doctor’s opinion before starting to take any chemical or natural supplement. Acne can become quite frustrating when noticing its possible marks; it commonly appears during puberty but you should not rely only on this aspect because even the adults may be prone to developing such a skin condition. This disease is very uncomfortable and you will need the proper acne cure in order to get rid of it.

Every person who is suffering from this condition tends to become really depressed when discovering the pimples on a daily basis; acne can also damage your self esteem because other people will tend to look at you in a totally different manner than they use before. Therefore, you will have to try to remain positive about this skin condition that can be cured for good if you choose the proper acne treatment; this common disease has to be fought back in order to get rid of all its negative implications. You will have to undergo a combined treatment that will allow your skin to breed freely without its pores being blocked by the excessive oils that are coming from inside the body.

But you should be perfectly aware that overnight cures do not exist for this skin condition; the results of every treatment are likely to become visible and noticeable between 3 weeks to 7 weeks; therefore, you will have to be patient enough in order to notice the future and visible effects that will come along regardless of the type of the treatment. This treatment will be prescribed according to your acne and skin type and will mainly consist of topical solutions and oral cures. Even some dietary supplements are likely to be considered in order to speed up the healing process but these supplements are not to be considered as treatments by themselves. On the contrary, they have just a supplementary and complementary function that will help the conventional cure have the desired and long lasting effects.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Remove Your Acne In Only 3 Easy Steps

Remove Your Acne In Only 3 Easy Steps by Alejandro Bustos

Almost 85% of people had acne in their teenage age, but the acne can affect every people at any age, 1 in every 4 adults are acne sufferers.

Sometimes the acne can be inherited, but is not possible; normally the process for the acne birth is the following:
A. The sebaceous gland produce excess of sebum (oil)
B. This oil is mixed with the dead and dry skin, it accumulates in the pores and blocks.
C. The bacteria infect the pores
D. It begins to appear the acne.

Fortunately, today there are many acne treatments and products to treat acne and prevent it, the most prominent among them are: Proactiv and TriClear.

Before, there were many treatments temporarily cured the acne problem, for instance, was the Benzoil Peroxide which was the most common response to deal with acne, but rash and dry the skin, that produce more oil and this brought as a result more and more acne again and again.
But now there’s a lot of treatments and acne products on the market that do not irritate or dry your skin, rather maintain your natural glow, much of these treatments can be: zeno, acnease, accutane, stridex, zenmed, tetrasil, astara, phytome, neutrogena, biore, phisoderm, and others, but most recommend is TriClear.

These products and treatments can remove your acne in only 3 steps, typically act the same way, some take longer than others but the results tend to be the same:
1. Clean: Clean pores, removes dead skin and surface bacterias.
2. Cure: The gel acts absorbs and controlling the oil excess.
3. Soothe: While eliminates acne continues moisturizes skin, Salicylic Acid reduces oil production, and finally nourishes the skin to prevent future blockades of sebum (oil).

No matter the product or treatment you choose, the important thing is to frequently visit the dermatologist, is the only who can really tell which is best for your skin type.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Top Natural Acne Treatments – Learn About All Natural Solutions To Get Rid Of Pimples

Top Natural Acne Treatments – Learn About All Natural Solutions To Get Rid Of Pimples by Jitender A Zaman

Acne is a complicated problem and can have devastating effects in the lives of those that suffer from it. There are many types of acne treatment products out there and it can be confusing as to which ones work the best. While there is no single solution that works for everyone, there are some indications that natural acne treatment options work well for many people.

Most natural acne treatment systems focus on both cleaning the skin on the outside and also on treating your acne problem from the inside. Many of these systems will ask you to take part in some sort of an internal cleanse using a variety of different methods. Internal cleansing helps to remove toxins that may have built up inside your body which may be a great contributing factor to your acne.

There are many ways to take part in an internal cleanse program. Perhaps the best one is simply going on a 24 to 48 hour juice fast every one to two weeks. During a juice fast you will want to consume ideally fresh squeezed juices rather than the store brand variety that comes with many preservatives and other chemicals added.

Investing in a good juicer can be a wise decision not just when it comes to getting rid of acne but also as far as your overall health is concerned. It can be difficult if not impossible to consume enough fruits and vegetables daily without juicing them since the pulp will cause you to get full very quickly before you get all the nutrients you need.

Consuming lots of green foods such as green vegetables can be beneficial also. Drinking some sort of green drink can help you to cleanse your internal system since green foods are alkaline and so they will neutralize the normally acidic environment in our bodies and thus reduce the toxin levels in our body.

Stress can be a major contributing factor to your acne problem so you definitely need to take a look at how this is affecting you. Look for ways to reduce stress in your life, consider starting an aerobics and weight training program as exercise has been shown to be great at relieving tension and stress levels.

Take a bit of time out of your day and perform some meditation. Meditation is simply focusing on one neutral thing in your mind like a sound and only focusing on that. You want to minimize your thoughts as much as possible as an overactive mind tends to create a lot of stress in your life. Try one or two of these approaches and stick with them at least for a few weeks in order to give them a real chance to help you become acne free.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Acne Treatment - The Real Secret To Quickly Heal Your Acne

Acne Treatment - The Real Secret To Quickly Heal Your Acne by: Kaushik Mohanty

Acne is an all too common skin condition, and in some cases the chemicals used to treat it can further damage the skin. Here are some tips that will help you heal your acne:

No scrubbing or rubbing.
You can't scrub your acne away. In fact abrasive or frequent washing can lead to dry skin and irritated acne. Your skin will respond best to kind attention. Gently wash your face no more than twice a day with a mild cleanser and pat your skin dry with a clean towel. If you exercise hard and sweat a lot you may want to wash your face afterwards.

Don't pop pimples.
Don't pop or squeeze pimples, as it could lead to inflammation and infection. It could also push the infected materials deep into the skin and create more swelling. Squeezing or popping pimples could lead to permanent scars on the face.

Breathe deeply.
It is advisable to breathe deeply when you feel stressed. Doctors have found out that there is a direct link between stress and acne. Studies have shown that there is increased amount of androgen production when a person is under stress. Not only mental but physical stress such as allergies, surgery etc could activate the androgen production. When androgen is activated the sebaceous glands pumps out more oil/sebum leading to acne.

Use honey.
Apply a honey mask once a week. Honey is regarded as a disinfectant and also it has medicinal properties believed to heal minor blemishes. It has the properties of destroying the bacteria present in the skin.

Pay kind attention to your skin.
Use a mild cleanser no more than twice a day and gently wash and dry your skin. Apply a noncomedogenic (won't clog your pores) sunscreen.

Patience is a virtue.
Be patient. Healing takes time. Unfortunately this doesn't happen overnight. Results are generally seen in a few weeks, but may take up to 8 weeks or more. Don't be tempted by over night promises. So give your acne treatment a fighting chance.

Use sunscreen.
Many acne medications contain ingredients that can make your skin extra sensitive to sunlight and ultraviolet light from tanning booths. Read the label warnings, avoid tanning booths, and always use a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15. Sun exposure can actually irritate acne even if you are not using an acne medication. So don't make sunbathing a part of your lifestyle and always use sunscreen.

More is not better.
If you use more acne medication than directed by your doctor you can actually worsen your acne. Many over-the-counter acne treatments contain active ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Too much of either of these can cause your skin to become excessively dry or irritated. It can take time for your skin to adapt to new medications. Remember that it may take up to 8 weeks for any acne medication to have a noticeable effect. Use the medication exactly as directed by your doctor and if you don't see an improvement within 8 weeks talk with your dermatologist.

Use only noncomedogenic products.
When purchasing cosmetics, sunscreen or other skin care products, make sure the label reads noncomedogenic. These products, as well as those labeled nonacnegenic, won't clog your pores and therefore won't cause or make your acne worse.

Here's the rub.
Headbands and hats can aggravate your acne as they rub against your forehead. Try to avoid these things when possible.

Don't touch your face.
It's amazing how often we touch our faces during an average day. Our hands have oil on them and of course bacteria too, both of which can make acne worse. So avoid touching your face or leaning your chin on your hand. Be sure that other objects that come in contact with your face like cell phones, telephone receivers, eye glasses, etc are clean.

Wash your face.
It is advisable to wash your face at least twice a day with sulfur-based soap. Once when you wake up and again when you go to bed. Do not scrub; just give it a smooth touch. Washing your skin over and over again will create more trouble than help you.

Cut your hair.
If you have long hair it is advisable to cut it short. Your hair contains oil and when you move, the dust particles do mix up with your hair and when your hair bangs on your face or neck or forehead or the affected area, the situation could worsen. Also wash your hair on a daily basis.

Eat fruits and vegetables.
Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

Drink lots of water.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Water helps in cleaning and hydrating the skin and maintaining overall health.

Change your pillowcase.
Wash or change your pillowcase every day.

Exercise moderately as it helps in blood circulation and helps eliminate toxins.

Review your environment.
Pollution, airborne grease (such as in a fast food restaurant), irritating clothing - all these can aggravate your acne. It isn't always possible to avoid all the various irritants that may contribute to your acne. You can, however, make educated decisions that may help to minimize their impact. Loosen tight, irritating clothing or find fabrics that breathe better and don't aggravate your acne.

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Natural or alternative treatment for acne.

Natural or alternative treatment for acne... by Daniel Les

Did you know that you can prevent emotional and physical scarring through effective treatment of acne vulgaris? Who can have a healthful socialization with severe cases of acne vulgaris? A therapy can solve the severity of acne vulgaris disease. The patients comedonal acne can only be cleared by topical medication. However, if the condition of the acne has already reached the inflammatory type of acne, then an additional of oral medication must be prescribed.

Frequently, systematic antibiotics are used because of their highly effectiveness. The female patients sebum production is helpfully modulated by the newer formulations of blended oral contraceptives. Treat the severe nodulocystic acne which does not respond to either systematic antibiotics or topical retinoids, with isotretinoin. However, there is an extensive side effect of these medications and the physicians who are recommending any of the mentioned medications should be knowledgeable on how they must counteract their adversary effects. Untreated acne vulgaris can lead to worse scarring. Choose which of the available systematic agents in the treatment of acne vulgaris suits you and discover more of both the positive and negative effects of the medication you put on or in-take. Prevent the emotional and physical scarring through the most recommended method or medication. Never compare yourself to others manner of treating his or her acne because your body type and condition are unique from anyone.

Did you know what bacteria are infecting the acne prone skin? Acne condition is worsened by Propionibacterium and Staphylococcus bacteria. You can tool your body, however, and boost its fighting ability against the bacteria though putting on some Kamille Zinci cream. There isnt much treatments and medication techniques that work better than Kamille Zinci in kicking off the bacteria in the dermis, which trigger the formation of acne. If you can hardly become proud of your acne-covered face or scarred face, chest and back, then you can always turn to Kamille Zinci cream that effectively removes the bacteria and erases the left off scars.

Many treatments have been tried by many acne patients in order to kill the affecting bacteria but the loopholes are available as well. Aside from the natural functioning of the sebaceous glands, which for some people becomes inherent because of their genes, the usual exposure to dust agents that bring about bacteria is also one of the determinant factors that promote the existence of acne. The bacteria are there to thrive on the acne infected areas while no effective treatment has been applied, no change in the dietary system has been made, and no other medical intervention has been initiated.

Did you know that there is a recipe that can give you acne-free skin? What is the surefire formula for acne-free skin? A good healthy diet + regular exercise + good dehydration + proper hygiene + adequate sleep are equal to acne free skin. Bear in mind always that whatever good things you do unto your body, your body gives back the health and skin beauty that you desire. Achieving a skin formula treatment is better than any artificially prepared medications which have associated side-effects or health risks. As a good cook or if someone in the household is a good cook, you or anybody can prepare a recipe of a good and healthful food for the body. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables can be prepared and lavishly garnished on some appetizing serves. If you become too hook in drinking plenty of water and in eating more fruity and vegetable-rich meals you can cure your acne better than trying readily purchased medicines from drugstores. Create a special fruit salad or a recipe with much of blueberries as a good source of antioxidants. Keep a healthful diet, with a great skin care routine and you are eventually, to be awarded of a healthy glowing and acne-free skin.

Did you know when you must see a dermatologist? People, whose nature of work is focused on socialization, become over conscious of how they look. Usually, when acne starts to develop, most of the acne patients are bothered and wanting for effective treatments. So, some of them consult for dermatologists advice especially if they hardly can relieve the discomforts of acne condition. Who wants to just stay around and grieve over the bigheads of his or her acne rather than staying with friends? Life is meant to be enjoyed and not to be wasted through dallying in a corner. A piece of advice from a dermatologist can help you find a solution on how to stay away from the inflammation of your clogged pores.

Do not let your acne hinder your lifestyle and put you on a big embarrassing dilemma; some chitchat with your friendly dermatologist can enlighten you of how you can confidently counter the formation and worsening of the acne conditions. Some teenagers who are just building up their identity are scared to face their friends, especially if their facial skin is almost covered by acne. What must they do before they develop low self-esteem and anti-social behavior? They must pay a visit to their dermatologist so that they could be advised and given medications.
Did you know that all antibiotics have side effects? Although, many physicians have been recommending the use of antibiotics, but if you can do away with any dosage of an antibiotic as your acne treatment, please do so. Do not let yourself get immune to antibiotics.

If possible look for natural treatments that would be beneficial to your skin condition and health in general. The risks are high if you wrongly follow or youre not watchful of the stipulated directions and dosage in the antibiotics. The woman patient who has been using any available antibiotics can trigger the multiplication of candida vaginal yeast infections. A worse condition sprang off the regular in-take of antibiotics. Although, the prescription of antibiotics has been greatly believed to heal, yet the stakes are high. Of all the antibiotics, an acne patient must be watchful of Tetracycline because his or her vulnerability to worse conditions maybe possible. If a woman patient is taking birth control pills and is also taking oral antibiotics; consequently the effectiveness of the contraceptives is lessened. If the woman is unaware of this medical trend, then she is facing a risk of getting pregnant. As possibly as you can, exhaust first the available medications: natural and alternative, rather than taking antibiotics at once.

How To Clear Up Acne The Natural Way

How To Clear Up Acne The Natural Way

is something many of us have experienced and unfortunately, it is something that comes and goes when not treated properly. This article will show you effective methods to clear up acne and prevent it from coming back in the future.

Getting Into A Skin Care Regimen
You should think of your skin care regimen as an enjoyable and positive part of the day. When was the last time you treated your skin with luxury? The simplest way to give your skin the best care is by cleansing daily, exfoliating, toning, applying medication, and moisturizing.

Step one to clearing up acne is by washing your face everyday. This is to cleanse dirt that has accumulated during your daily activities and after oils have accumulated on the skin the night before. To cleanse your face of debris, simply splash some warm water on your face and use a gentle cleanser.

Step two to clearing up acne is by exfoliating. Exfoliating at least once a week helps slough off dead skin cells and encourage healthy skin cell turnover to promote younger-looking skin with a glowing and clearer complexion.

Step three is using a toner or mask. Toners help get rid of any remaining dirt left on the skin and effectively cleanse pores.

Step four is applying medication on areas affected by acne. This can range from Benzoyl Peroxide to Retin-A.

Step five is applying moisturizer. Moisturizer is probably one of the most important steps in your regimen. It helps lock in moisture in the skin to promote elasticity and healthy healing of the skin.

For best results, use all-natural skin care products containing ingredients that work together as a system like the ZENMED Derma Cleanse Gel, which reduces inflammation, redness, and scarring, and the Derma Cleanse Gentle Cleanser, which removes bacteria and excess sebum that have accumulated in the pores.

Living Healthy For Better Skin
A lot of the time, acne is not a skin-deep problem. Rather, it can have underlying causes like poor blood circulation. Incorporating a healthy diet and exercise into your lifestyle can treat acne. Consume more fruits and vegetables, foods that contain Omega-3 fatty acids, and other whole, unprocessed foods. If you must, use multivitamin supplements. Vitamin A helps prevent the overproduction of sebum in the skin; Vitamin B6 balances hormonal activity in the skin and prevents outbreaks; Zinc can reduce inflammation in the skin. Derma Cleanse Acne Capsules are part of the The ZENMED Derma Cleanse 3-Step System that treat skin from the inside out by relaxing the nervous system and cleansing the endocrine system.

On the other hand, exercise can further treat acne. When you exercise, debris and excess oils are rid of through sweat. So the more you exercise, the more your skin pores are cleansed. Clogged pores are one of the main causes of acne.

As you can see, going natural is the best way to treat acne. Just make it a daily habit to care for your skin.

Herbal Acne Remedies

Herbal Acne Remedies
by Danna Schneider

Remember the angst ridden acne years of your youth? Or perhaps you are still a youth. By youth, I mean either adolescent or teenaged. So many people today suffer from teenage and adult acne. The effect acne has on your self esteem can be devastating, especially at a young age, when appearance seems so important, and people can be cruel. The new herbal acne remedies are now changing that scenario for many teenagers, and is also helping many people suffering with acne into adulthood to permanently clear acne.

There are some excellent, and fairly new herbal acne remedies that actually clear acne through precise combinations of herbal compounds and pure, natural ingredients. These herbal acne pills have been used as very successful, and often times permanent, remedies to clear acne on both adults and adolescents.

How do herbal acne pills work? These natural remedies actually work by correcting the hormonal and chemical imbalances in the body that lead to acne flareups, persistent acne, and the more severe form, cystic acne. People suffering from cystic acne can really benefit from an herbal acne pill, since they are designed to treat acne at it's source, from the inside of the body, rather than topically. Cystic acne sufferers really tend to have hormonal issues, which acne pills address by "calming", soothing and balancing.

Some of the common ingredients in these complexion-clearing acne pills are actually known in herbal communities for their skin soothing and "calming" properties, and have commonly been used to treat various skin disorders in the past. Natural acne pills actually blend several of these ingredients together in precise combinations to effectively clear acne permanently, or with very little follow up treatment.

Let's look at some of the common skin clearing and therapeutic herbs and compounds that are found in an acne pill. First, vitamin E is a common ingredient. Vitamin E has been used as a skin soothing and repairing agent for decades. Vitamin E actually will help smooth rough skin when taken in the proper dosages, and actually helps facilitate the clearing of acne in combination with other ingredients.

A second common ingredient in the acne pill is aloe vera. Aloe vera actually has many of the same skin soothing properties and advantages as vitamin E. I'm sure you've used aloe vera at least a couple times to treat sunburn or irritated skin. Aloe vera seemed to be a staple in everyone's home growing up for it's skin repairing benefits.

Two more ingredients you may find in these natural preparations are alpha lipoic acid and collagen, both of which are actually beneficial for both aging skin and skin suffering from disorders such as acne or acne rosacea. Alpha lipoic acid is gaining a lot of recognition in recent years, especially with the publication and advocation of popular cosmetic dermatologist Nicholas Perricone in his book The Perricone Prescription and other popular follow up books on how to stop and reverse the aging process of the skin.

Other skin cleansing, purifying and balancing ingredients botanicals found in the acne pill are chamomile, rosemary, rose essential oil, and horsetail, all traditionally used to clear, tone and purify the skin for the most blemish-free complexion possible, even back as far as the early 1800's.

The bottom line is, I highly recommend investing in either a natural acne system that combines topical treatment with an oral acne pill or just investing in a natural acne remedy that is high in purity standards and has a good track record of customer satisfaction. These treatments have proven to be just as effective as many of the often long-term and sometimes harmful treatments dermatologists prescribe. Not only that, you can order them from the comfort of your own home, and don't need to be burdened by dermatologist visits, or repetitive costs. It is truly one of the best investments you can make in your skin!

Different Types Of Acne Treatments

Different Types Of Acne Treatments by James Dalton

For some people acne is considered an adolescent right of passage. For other it follows them from puberty all the way into adult hood and can be quite distressing. This skin disease affects millions across the country and there are thousands of treatments for it. This article will examine what acne is and the different treatments that are available for it.

Acne is a skin condition that occurs as a result of the overproduction of oil by the oil glands of the skin. For acne to occur, the oil that your skin naturally produces becomes logged in oil ducts. As a result of this we will have the formation of whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. This is essentially what acne is and there are different levels of this condition. You may have pimples that contain pus, or blackheads, whiteheads and finally cysts that can have the skin looking broken.

There are different ways to treat acne, but some people use various natural products. One such product is Azelaic acid. This product is often used in many skin creams, lotions and gels. It is especially good at treating acne because of its efficiency at killing bacteria and also its anti inflammatory properties. Azelaic acid is also attacks bacteria that infects the pores and inhibits the production of keratin which can also lead to the break out of acne.

Another product that is good at treating acne is Tretinoin. It is a Vitamin A derivative and it is very useful at getting rid of acne, whiteheads and blackheads. No one really knows how tretinoin works but the way it works on the skin is remarkable. It will unclog pores and also aide in the peeling of skin. This product has been approved by the FDA since 1971 for the treatment of this type of acne. It is available in a topical liquid, gel or cream. For this product it is best used everyday. If used properly, the individual should see some positive changes in the skin between six to eight weeks. One thing about the tretinoin treatment is the fact that acne will get worse, before it starts to clean up.

Acne And Black Currant Seed Oil

Acne And Black Currant Seed Oil by Jojo 27

Black Currant Seed Oil: Great Alternative Acne Treatment

Nowadays we can find many extraordinary alternative acne treatments available, and one of these treatments is black currant seed oil. It is a natural remedy which almost every time it shows in pill form being easy to digest. If you choose this remedy you will realize that you are not making a mistake because it works for just about all types of people who are suffering from acne.

Reports have proved that we can find the antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals in this black currant seed oil. Plus, black currant seed oil is a excellent source of essential fatty acids. So if you add this natural remedy to your daily routine you will realize that this is a tremendous way to maintain excellent health.

Only by keeping your body away from irritants and fats that are harmful for your health, you can diminish or even stop completely any potential acne breakouts that might appear.

If you choose to take black currant seed oil it is suggested that you take one to two tablets or soft gels daily. It is recommended that you should take this natural remedy at the same time that you have your meals or at a time that has been prescribed to you by your health care provider.

But you should know also that if you suffer from any type of arthritis or problems related to articulations you must be aware that black currant seed oil can cause arthritic flare ups if you take too much. If you want to add a supplement of any kind to your diet and you have some concerns about it you should ask your health care provider. Your doctor is the most adequate person to offer you an informed opinion on what adverse effects might appear if you take black currant seed oil.

I advise you to give black currant seed oil a try, even if you might be disappointed by all the products that you have tried until now without any visible result and you won’t regret it. You will notice after a period of continually using black currant seed oil that it can help in clearing up your acne problems and will make you feeling excellent on the inside as well.

How To Reduce Acne 50% In Only 3 Months

How To Reduce Acne 50% In Only 3 Months by Alejandro Bustos

It's not a secret that many dermatologists have the belief that there is no connection between what you eat and acne, but it's time to reveal the truth about acne diet... Studies based on these assumptions and theories are over 50 years old, can you imagine the tools that science had in 1950??

Today, the controversy about the acne diet grows and a scientist, recently make a study which involved 43 men between 15 and 21 years old, who were divided into two groups:

First Group: They provided a diet high in pasta, grains, vegetables, fish, low-fat meat and fruits.

Second group: They feed with sugary drinks, white bread, chocolates and other snacks.

After 12 weeks, the results were amazing; the first group had a 50% reduction in the acne and have no new lesions on their face. So is acne diet a myth???

This study makes us think a bit about our eating habits, today we've been exposed to thousands of calories and sugars which it directly affect our bodies, so it's time to think a little more on us and do the best for ourselves, the worst that can happen is that we can not get rid of acne (which is not likely ) but we will be most healthy.

Baby Acne Treatments Can Give Your Baby Great Relief

Baby Acne Treatments Can Give Your Baby Great Relief

Baby acne is a common disorder among the newborn and you can tackle the problem following one of the suitable baby acne treatments. Baby acne medically termed as Neonatorum usually occurs to babies at the age of four weeks and may prolong up to six months or more. This is not a dangerous problem but as a new parent, you may be scared because of lack of information on the subject. Of course, you do not want your dear little one to suffer but being patient is more important to treat your baby. It is also important to keep your baby calm because the problem of acne gets more aggravated when the child is fussy or annoyed.

There may be many reasons for an acne breakout in adults. However, the main reason for the occurrence of acne in babies is considered as the hormones transferred from the mother during the time of birth. The sebaceous glands also known as oil glands get stimulated due to these hormones and produces excess sebum. This leads to pimple like structures on the skin of the baby that causes severe itching and irritation. Apart from this, the other reasons may be due to the medication that the baby might be undergoing. Sometimes, if the mother is under any medication especially if she is nursing it can affect the baby. Just by following some simple baby acne treatments, you can help your baby feel comfortable.

Generally, baby acne does not require any treatment. It will be gone once the hormones acquired from the mother work out their way out of the baby's system. Nevertheless, in order to provide some relief to the child you can follow some simple home remedies. Give the baby a mild wash once or twice a day. You have to always ensure to keep clean the surroundings and things that are exposed to the baby. Remember to wash the clothes with a mild detergent. Harsh soaps, detergents and rough clothes will worsen the acne problem. After every meal or spit up, gently wipe the face of the baby. The baby's skin is tender and hence it should be always handled very gently.

In spite of the above home remedies, if the problem persists then you have to consult a pediatrician. Baby acne treatments recommended by child specialists will effectively solve the problem. Some of them recommend hydrocortisone cream which is an over the counter drug in order to treat this condition. However, an OTC like ionic colloidal silver solution kills the baby acne causing bacteria more effectively than any other drug. It is also relatively safe and gives instant relief to the itching. Some people claim that a vinegar solution works best for a baby. We can find many products in the market that contain vinegar solution. However, before using any product you have to test it by applying a small amount on the baby's skin in order to ensure that is does not have a bad reaction to the tender skin.

Always remember to follow strictly the advice of a medical practitioner in case of baby's ailments. Avoid using an OTC drug on the baby without a doctor's prescription. Never ever, try any other medications of teenage acne on the baby's sensitive skin. Follow one of the baby acne treatments along with some proper care the acne problem can be easily alleviated and you can see your baby smiling.

Suffer Acne Scars?... Lemon Juice, A Miracle Revealed

Suffer Acne Scars?... Lemon Juice, A Miracle Revealed by Alejandro Bustos

If you are already tired of all acne scars and do not want to know anything more about acne products or acne treatments that do not have served for anything, it's time to start testing a natural cure that you can do at home. Are you ready to reveal the great secret... LEMON JUICE.A good treatment with lemon juice can destroy all acne scars, it can be use for 1 day, or 2 weeks, or 3 months, depending on the seriousness of the acne problem, in my particular case, it ran pretty fast, and believe me, my acne problem was quite serious, but in a matter of 2 weeks my face was clear.

Now, why the lemon juice? Simple... The lemon juice contains acid which stimulates the growth of new cells to replace dead skin; it stinks a little bit, but you can use it at bedtime in the affected area, there are people who even use it to treat acne but you have to be very careful with it.

To deal with acne scars is very simple; first you wash your face with warm water, and then apply with a cotton ball a few drops of lemon juice and gently rub it on the scars, leave for about 10 minutes and then wash it all with soap and water.

Most importantly, remember that the lemon juice can stain the skin, which is why we recommended that if you go out in the sun after having applied the treatment, use some sort of sunscreen to prevent stains.

Acne Treatment With Chinese Medicine

Acne Treatment With Chinese Medicine by Cary Clark

Effectively treating acne in adults and teens can be difficult. The use of Chinese medicine for acne treatment approaches the problem from a different point of view.

Chinese Medicine for Acne Treatment

The underlying idea behind Traditional Chinese Medicine is that any disorder or illness is the result of a lack of harmony with the environment. This principle applies to the treatment of acne. The Western approach to acne would focus on the immediate cause of the lesions themselves. It would concern itself with the cleaning of pores or the killing of microorganisms that cause the infections. Chinese Medicine works on the assumption that the body can deal with blocked pores and with any type of infections by itself, and if it is failing to do so, it must be the result of some form of disharmony.

Both acupuncture and herbal remedies are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat acne with herbal remedies being the more common method. The disharmony is thought to be heat on a Meridian Channel, or a Zang Fu organ, or even a fundamental substance. The removal of this “heat” would free the energy flow and enable the body to clear the infection. Convention Medical treatments tend to be quicker and less troublesome for acne, but are often ineffective or have undesirable side effects. The Chinese method offers a more balanced and long term cure.

There are two methods of acupuncture normally used to treat acne. The first is designed to remove the “heat” from the essential Meridian Channel. There are five different heat patterns that may be associated with the acne. They are lung heat, stomach heat, toxic heat, blood heat, and damp heat. Each separate pattern involves needle insertion at different points, and like many diagnoses in TCM requires a bit of trial and error to determine the actual cause. There is a second method used for treating the lesions themselves directly. It is called, “surrounding the dragon” and involves needle insertion at local points in a circle around the actual lesion itself.

Herbal remedies are used more often and are generally more effective. They involve a mixture of internal and external applications. The internal herbal treatments are also directed toward the five possible points of disharmony, and once again a certain amount of trial and error is needed. The external treatments involve direct application of pastes and creams to the lesions themselves.

A history of the patient is indicated in the treatment, and may offer clues as to the most effective points for treatment. Factors involving diet and the overall health of the patient and the strengthening of his immune system would also be involved in the treatment plan under Chinese Medicine. Again, the idea is that acne is an unnatural condition and its presence indicates something has gone out of balance in the patient. The treatment would seek to restore the balance enabling the body to use its own resources to clear the acne.