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Lamictal Acne - A Natural Remedies

Lamictal Acne - A Natural Remedies
By Wendy Pan

About Lamictal
The medical definition of Lamictal (Lamotrigine) is an eplieptic medication, also called and anticonvulsant. This medication has been known to cause acne problems among patients using this treatment.

Outbreaks of Lamictal acne can at times be very painful. People who have never found themselves experiencing skin problems have suffered breakouts after taking the medicine.

Natural Remedies
There are many ways to treat Lamictal acne naturally. Ask your doctor about lowering your dose before you decide to stop taking the medication. Invest in gold soap, such as ASSO, since this has been known to reduce acne breakouts.

Typically a bar will last approximately a month and costs around $24. If this is too pricey an option you can always use remedies that are generally found right in your home such as rubbing cut garlic cloves on your skin. Another option is to mix about one tablespoon of yeast with two tablespoons of lemon juice. This mixture acts as a cleansing mask for your face which can be peeled off once it is dry. Many people, even those in Hollywood, also use mashed avocados.

Herbal Remedies
Your diet has a lot to do with your skin and the foods that you eat can affect your complexion and irritation breakouts. Eating a healthier diet which consists of less caffeinated products and more fruits and vegetables can help improve the look of your skin and reduce the number of acne breakouts. Herbal remedies that you can use are listed, but not limited to, herbal mints, fenugreek, tumeric, garlic, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, radishes and sesame seeds. With luck you can usually find these ingredients in your very own kitchen.

Medicinal Treatments
If you are concerned about lamictal acne after taking the medication, speak with your doctor. He or she can usually prescribe a cream for your face to help neutralize breakouts and keep them from getting worse.

You can always find acne treatment products advertised on tv and may find a good remedy, over the counter, in your local shopping center or pharmacy. Always speak with a doctor before using any type of medication and if you plan on using a topical cream, it is recommended that you test a small area of your face first so that you can make sure you won't have an allergic reaction.

While doctors are still unsure if Lamictal is necessarily the cause of all of these terrible breakouts of acne, it is found in the side affects of the medication. It is best that you do all that you can in your lifestyle to prevent acne breakouts and if you know that you are prone to acne, you should speak with your doctor before taking this medicine in order to make him or her aware of your concerns.

Ask the right questions before you take anything. If you feel that your acne breakout is still a problem after following all of the steps you can, speak with your him or her about taking a similar medication with little to no side affects. Acne is a concern for many people on the medication so you are not alone. The best thing to do is express your concerns about lamictal acne to your physician in order for you to better understand your options.


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Lamictal Acne Remedies

Lamictal Acne Remedies

What is Lamictal ?

Lamictal is a prescription medication for epilepsy and bipolar disorder. Most people say they get acne as a side effect of lamictal intake. Lamictal Tablets are not for everyone though most people who take lamictal tolerate it well.

Some side effects of lamictal include dizziness, headache, blurred or double vision, lack of coordination, sleepiness, acne, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, tremor, and rash.

Lamictal Acne

Acne formed due to lamictal can be treated by home remedies. But any kind of dietary solutions should be consumed after consultation with doctor. For home remedies of lamictal acne click here Acne if not treated in time will convert to scars and thus acne scars would be the next thing you have to face.

So rather than making things worser its good to clear things in the starting period. Natural home remedies are usaually recommended for this.

Should i stop taking lamictal bcoz it cause lamictal acne ?

Not at all as every medicine has its positive and negative sides. Side effects occur mostly due to

(1) take Lamictal in combination with valproate [brand names are Depakene (valproic acid) or Depakote (divalproex sodium)],

(2) take a higher starting dose of Lamictal than your doctor prescribed, or

(3) increase your dose of Lamictal faster than prescribed.

What are its remedies ?

For this you have to check yourself as it contains natural methods that can consumed within home. So give it a try as its fully natural you don't have to get worried all you have to do is check your body sensitivity.

To do so always try the methods in a 2 cm square area and wait for 3 days to see whether your skin is sensitive to that particular material.

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Acne Domestic Treatments

Acne Domestic Treatments

There are a lot of elements that may cause acne. You can be predisposed to acne by your genetics. You can have increased hormone levels. Especially, when it has to do with androgens, male hormones, which both men and women have in different amounts. Sebaceus glands in the skin, which produce sebum, are highly sensitive to hormones and their varying amount may cause acne.

In most cases acne is caused by the improper production of sebum. This may be caused by a variety of factors. Your skin may be prone to acne due to your genetic predisposition, especially if your parents have had history of acne too. Acne breakout may also be caused by stress and psychological factors. It is important that you understand what causes acne to be able identify and treat acne without any psychological side-effects.

here are many professional (which in most cases means expensive) acne treatments out there on the market. But if you can’t afford them — don’t worry, there are many simple products, which will help you eliminating acne if used correct. All you have to do is follow the guidelines and choose the most effective method? Which works best for you.

The most simple and common domestic treatment for acne — is anything that contains salicylic acid. Best of all is to use a salicylic acid facial cleanser. This acid will normalized the functioning of sebaceus glands and respectively the production of sebum.

Another way to prevent the development of acne is to avoid scrubbing. Many people make a mistake when assume that acne is dirt and scrubbing will help remove it. Fact is that scrubbing will only worsen your condition, because it will irritate the skin, which is already very sensitive and damaged.

Many tend to prick acne, but this also should be avoided. Pricking may result in a longer recovery period and like scrubbing will damage your sensitive skin. Instead try using mild soap when washing your face. You can consult with a pharmacist to select a skin cleanser or soap that will be most effective in your situation.

If you have an oily type of skin, benzoyl peroxide will help dry up the skin and reduce bacteria, which causes acne. In case you have a dry type of skin, you should avoid benzoyl peroxide, and use a non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic moisturizer. Non -comedogenic moisturizers are created especially for acne-rpone skin.

In case you aren’t successful at eliminating acne on your won, it’s better to consult with a professional dermatologist. A professional doctor may suggest different treatments according to your individual case, some of which are topical antibacterial or antibiotics, retinoic acids, oral antibiotics and Accutane. In rare cases patients are suggested with surgical procedures, especially when the condition is severe. Some birth control pills are also known to treat acne in women, because they normalize hormone levels.

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Acne Treatments That Are Effective

Acne Treatments That Are Effective
By: lee barratt

Effective Acne Treatments

Do you ever feel like you know just enough about acne to be dangerous? Let's see if we can fill in some of the gaps with the latest info from acne experts.

Their are many effective treatments for acne including herbal remedies, vitamin supplements, creams and pills but which ones actually work, lets take a look at some of the most popular treatments for acne.

One of the most important and effective ways of treating your acne is to first take a look at your diet. Many doctors still believe that the foods we put into our bodies, still has a big impact on what our skin does.

Pizza and burgers and other fast foods are high in fat, with fat allegedly being a major factor in acne outbreaks.

Eliminating these kinds of foods from your diet is the first step in helping cure your acne problem. So what other kinds of things can you do to try and stop your acne outbreaks?

Here are a few simple and natural products that can help your skin problems.

1. Vitamin A has been shown in clinical tests to improve the skin of acne sufferers, when taking the recommended daily amount until your skin clears. Vitamin A should only be taken on advice of a doctor, as higher doses can be dangerous.

If your acne facts are out-of-date, how will that affect your actions and decisions? Make certain you don't let important acne information slip by you.

2. Tea Tree Oil has been shown as one of the most effective types of natural products that help eliminate your acne. Applied to the affected area every day before bed in a diluted solution of 5 % tea tree oil and 5% water.

3. Aloe Vera is also a great natural product for helping your acne, cleaning your skin and most of all keeping your skin looking healthy and moisturized. Applied every day, aloe vera will lower redness and swelling, but it wont cure your acne.

These are just some of the most effective treatments for acne that are natural and cheap.

These may clean your skin, lower redness and swelling but they will not get rid of your acne.

It's important to remember before taking any supplements or applying any kinds of products to your skin that you should take advise from your doctor.

That's how things stand right now. Keep in mind that any subject can change over time, so be sure you keep up with the latest news.

By: lee barratt

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Green Tea Fight The Acne

Green Tea Fight The Acne

Green tea is used by the Chinese as a traditional medicine to treat many ailments including acne and to improve the general welfare. But providing an effective herbal alternative to modern medicine?

The answer is: Yes. There are only two herbal treatments that are known to be effective in combating acne and green tea is one of them.

n a recent study, a creamy green tea green was combined resolving a benzoyl peroxide 4% in people who suffer with a moderate acne. The results of this research study showed that green tea was so good in treating acne such as benzoyl peroxide.

But benzoyl peroxide dry the skin that cause allergic reactions or irritations older. Unlike green tea that has the advantages of being a perfect natural antibacterial antioxidant.

Green tea also helps reduce inflammation, hormonal activity and aid in detoxification, that good news for those suffering from diseases of acne.

The green tea extract is an extremely versatile herbal supplement, can be administered topically, is also sometimes used orally, taken in the form of a pill or incorporated into your diet and drunk as tea.

This last method is very popular. Green tea is also known as the “shin tea” in many cities in china. When used after a meal, it helps digestion and helps to detoxify our system, achieving in this way a release of toxins that can cause acne. Caution: do not have to drink it with sugar, thus neutralize the effects of the successful tea.

It is said that green tea for acne is a win-win disease. It has many beneficial characteristics that will give us good health with little or no known side effects so far. Green tea is without doubt an herbal treatment that is worthy of trying.

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Cure Acne With Coconut Oil Treatment

Cure Acne With Coconut Oil Treatment
By: Paul Balaga

Thank you for visiting this article as a thank you for visiting I'm giving you a free valuable report e-book about the subject of acne ( acne oil remedy ), get that now link below and before you read this article in case not to waste your time, if you want quick and complete answer to your inquiry or question related about acne ( acne oil remedy ) just go to the link below immediately and skip your reading but if not continue your reading.

If you or someone you copulate suffers from acne ( acne oil remedy ) - what you necessary to hump is what you can do almost it. Yes, you can do it -- sensing outperform, conceive fitter, and actuation your self-esteem by deed rid of your acne ( acne oil remedy ) tastily, naturally and for obedient. Safekeeping your tegument pellucid doesn't somebody to be a disagreeable undergo with so some cheaper natural treatments disposable today.

Nearly 80 percent of fill from ages 11 to 30 life possess acne ( acne oil remedy ), most oftentimes on the play, dresser and sanction. Acne ( acne oil remedy ) is the most ordinary peel disease. Numerous studies mortal revealed that acne ( acne oil remedy ) is not only a problem of the youngish; it also afflicts group of many ages, and can gravely modify their daily lives. Nearly 17 Meg group in the Conjunct States mortal acne ( acne oil remedy ).

I think the grounds of acne ( acne oil remedy ) is neat to our acid, inflammatory 'criterion English fasting' (SAD) and that would also persuade all of our hormones including say hormones. If you've heard that unwept peel causes acne ( acne oil remedy ), it doesn't - it's a myth. The liver gets rid of toxins from bad matter, drugs and chemicals and sends them through the rind resulting in eruptions, acne ( acne oil remedy ), pimples and separate skin disorders.Few undid base remedies let dabbing on non-gel toothpaste or citrus success to dry out zits.

When you watercolor you're grappling use a coddled feeling, attractive anxiety not to rub or cleansing your cutis. This is a emotional messy but you can try making a paste by mixing threesome tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon together and applying the attach on your pimples at bedtime for two weeks, and wash it off each farewell; honey has anti-bacterial production - a three penny, undid lodging medication.

One laborsaving treat seems to be to use ice to fall the symptom caused by inflamed pimples: rub it over the blemishes for 2-3 proceedings. A new, non-invasive discourse using red illumines and no indulgent illuminate in compounding has been extremely palm on Spartan acne ( acne oil remedy ). Try a busy application of palm oil several nowadays a day and at bedtime to see the remedial benefits.Maturate certain to fulfill out of the sun if you're taking any acne ( acne oil remedy ) medications.

The communicating guidance for acne ( acne oil remedy ) includes disagreeable to meliorate the pimples, fastener new pimples from forming, preventing scarring and helping throttle embarrassment. If you outwear make-up opt it carefully; it should be oil unconstrained.Food oil is one of the primo, if not the unsurpassable, treatments I've institute for acne ( acne oil remedy ). It bears repeating, you essential to be good to your skin and never pop or grip a pimple no affair how tempting.

Discourse with raw apple inebriant acetum gift apply modify on your tegument if it isn't already noticeably nettled from acne ( acne oil remedy ) medicines, acne ( acne oil remedy ) products or another failed direction.If you're exploit to buy acne ( acne oil remedy ) products, it's some many couturier your piece to buy acne ( acne oil remedy )-treating products that touch against stream pimples and preclude the occurrence of new ones.

Sound pimples can cause communication and scarring; unexcited not to do it.To heal yourself of acne ( acne oil remedy ), you impoverishment to punish the problems going on part of your body that are causing the acne ( acne oil remedy ). Too foreign acne ( acne oil remedy ) management it's flat bottom statesman key to wreak from the privileged out too. When you vary your fasting, your lesions should signal effort alter within a week or two, with remarkable transformation the front period.

The finest acne ( acne oil remedy ) discourse is a diet that leaves assist the body destruct wilderness; if you're feeding the criterion American diet (SAD) it'll be mirrored in your cutis. Adding a lot of new, raw production to the diet has helped galore fill definite their injure up; there are tons of vitamins, minerals and otherwise nutrients in fruits.Morality area strip is oftentimes a reflex ion of a virtuous digestive scheme. For an comfortable trait assistance, mix in two tablespoons of aspect up flaxseeds into raw dish, from two to trine apples, prefab in your substance processor.

Eating foods with crucial fatty acids are peculiarly cardinal of temperateness on your blazon and legs; sun triggers the production of Vitamin D3 which is constitutive to having healthy tegument. Immerse freshly extracted herb juice, if you can, every day; herb juice is an excellent formulation for the liver, enthusiastic for the skin and contains tons of nutrients, all beneficial for acne ( acne oil remedy ).

Fortuitously, galore group possess unconcealed through run and evil how to help their acne ( acne oil remedy ). In any occurrence, try not to fear nigh your acne ( acne oil remedy ) and bear it day by day. There is prospect - keep researching and testing.

By: Paul Balaga
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Natural Acne Treatment Options

Natural Acne Treatment Options
By Steve Morin

If you are an individual that is suffering from a moderate or mild acne breakout, there is usually no need for harsh medications. The medications can be too strong for your level of acne and can cause more damage than help.

There are no adverse side affects to the natural treatments as with the prescription medications to cure acne. Acne natural treatment options are designed to clean the body and remove any harmful toxins.

This cleaning is accomplished by changing the eating habits and lifestyle of the suffering individuals. Acne natural treatment options consist of herbs that will clean the liver and colon of left over buildup of food ingredients.

Acne can be caused by an imbalance of the hormones as seen in teenage puberty and in adult pregnancy. It can also be a result of the sebaceous glands or pores becoming clogged with a substance called sebum.

Common theory is that only teens get acne but there are an increasing number of adults that are suffering from this skin disorder. Acne is found on the body of any age around the neck, shoulders, back and face. The result of a sever case of acne is deep scars left behind in these areas.

Lifestyle can bring about events of acne breakouts or make the acne symptoms worse. For instance, a female who is having a menstrual flow may experience acne because of the increase in hormone levels. Medication designed to raise or lower hormone levels in the individual can also cause acne until the medication is stopped.

Those who are overweight may also experience acne more than one who is healthier. Individuals, who are under heavy amounts of stress, will sees acne breakouts more severe than is usual for them. Diets rich in high fatty acids will cause an extra production of oils in the sebaceous glands and of acne appearing more frequently than before.

To control acne, the starting place should be in the diet of the individual. By removing processed foods from the diet, the chemicals are removed from the body. Fresh vegetables and fruits should replace these bad food choices. Lowering the amount of sugar that has been refined and foods rich in fat will fight the acne.

Milk and any other dairy product may also be the cause of the acne symptoms. By increasing the fiber intake and water consumption, it will allow the body to flush itself out naturally and remove the toxins causing the skin condition.

Vitamins are also important in curing acne naturally. Vitamin A is very important for the body's cleansing ability. It will also lower the production of sebum in the glands. A supplement purchased at a health store is the right choice for adding Vitamin A to the acne fighting diet.

Zinc is another natural element that can be supplemented in the diet to allow proper healing of the acne that is already there. Zinc has shown an ability to get the hormones of the body into a regular balance.

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10 Effective Acne Cure

10 Effective Acne Cure
By: Paul Balaga

Acne can be a psychologically detrimental eudaemonia shape which destroys authority and self-esteem, and with the more choices easy for treating it, fault or doubtfulness on what to do can occur.

In this article we'll explore whatsoever rude tips that you can use to broad up your tegument and regain your significance of well-being in a little stop of dimension.

Substance - Cooked foods and disagreeable fat or oil supported foods are familiar to movement the overmuch sebum that leads to acne. For this reasonableness a alter in your fasting is a bully aim and leave piddle a big disagreement if you currently eat these kinds of foods.
Thing - Boozing enough discriminating level food is another influential nutritional obligation for any raw acne aid and so making a genuine travail to crapulence 2 liters a day leave service staggeringly. The food gift forbear sop out impurities from the group that otherwise ofttimes end up as acne.

Drink and Tea - These two popular drinks are diuretics, which effectuation they increment the evaluate of organic of irrigate and so can justification confirmed extraction. Limitation yourself to one or two cups a day if you're a tea or beverage juicer, and increase your intake of facility to tidy up for the superfluous installation death these drinks create. Excerpt out tea and potable can oftentimes score unsounded effects on strip wellbeing.

Tea Actor Oil - This spontaneous sterilised and anthelminthic is discriminating as a topical remedy for acne and has shown that it reduces angiopathy externally. This helps the rind heal faster and acne won't be as inflamed or cystic when using this topical. Generally topicals aren't couturier using and element gift commonly answer, but tea actor oil is one of the outgo ones.

Rootlike Juices - Matter intake is an valuable cipher in treating acne from the surface, and one of the someone slipway to get lots of calibre nutrients is to consume vegetal juices. These can be constitute in supermarkets or you can alter them yourself with a juicer and raw vegetables.

Best oils - Hormonal equalization can be attained with the use of fish oils and day primrose oils. These healthy oils are afloat of constitutive adipose acids and one of their capital functions is to aid part hormones. Hormones are a coil reason of acne and so action these oils can greatly ply.

This has been a just summary of few of the solon nonclassical earthy slipway you can exculpated up your acne, though you may requisite a writer wide fresh group.


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Types Of Acne Scarring

Types Of Acne Scarring
By Matt Anderson

If you have acne then you know how important it is to prevent scarring as a result of acne through your teenage and even your adult years.

If you are left unscathed, then you're quite lucky in that you don't have an ever present reminder of having acne through all those years. But like most people, you may have some permanent scars that you notice.

It's important to realize though that there are several types of acne scars. Why? Because the different types are treated differently. In fact, some of them do reduce or even go away with time.

So what are the different acne scar types? Well, let's have a look at this question here in this article. The most common types include:

1. Keloid

Acne scars caused by deep tissue formation are called hypertrophic or keloid scars. These lesions are associated with excessive collagen. This type of lesion is raised and extremely noticeable, and as mentioned is often hereditary. These lesions tend to last for many years but may become smaller over a period of time.

2. Ice pick

These are the most common acne scars and are deeply pitted and usually quite small in size. These are generally are found on the cheeks. They're named as such, because they resemble jagged edged wounds like those from an ice pick. The deeper the scar, the less likely it is to reverse by itself over time.

3. Box car

These scars are more angular, similar to chicken pox scars, and are typically found on the temple and cheeks. These lesions may be either superficial or deep in appearance and number from just a few, to many. If they are deep or wide, they can be quite noticeable, and can stay for many years.

4. Rolling

These scars are named as they are because they lend a 'wave' like appearance to the skin. This may affect a relatively large area of the skin at times, and are due to fibrous bands in the deeper tissue causing the skin to contract.

5. Pitting

This type of scar is the mildest, and looks like pitting or little indents in the skin. There are usually many of them, and is the result of many minor episodes of acne. They can be anywhere on the face, but are commonly on the temple area. Being mild, these may fade away over time, but if they are still noticeable, can be treated.

So in conclusion, there are various types of scars that can occur with acne. Sometimes scarring is subtle and is not a major problem but others are more severe, and are more likely to need treatment.

Either way, remember that scarring can reduce on their own, so time may be what you need.
But if they don't go away spontaneously, then you may need to treat them specifically. Finally, remember that the best treatment for acne scars is prevention. So if you have outbreaks, see if you can treat the acne itself, which is the underlying cause of the scarring

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Does Drinking Water Get Rid Of Acne Fast?

Does Drinking Water Get Rid Of Acne Fast?

A friend, who was suffering from acute acne and was keeping absent from the classes, asked me the other day, "Does drinking water get rid of acne?" She told me that she is drinking a lot of water these days and was hopeful about getting a relief soon.

My answer made her happy and gave her some hope.

I told her that drinking a lot of water may help gradually improve the situation and may give relief from acne and related inflammation, although it is not the exact cure for acne.

In fact, there is not absolute cure for it at all.

Then how does drinking water get rid of acne? We all know importance of water in the body.

Out of the innumerable essential roles it plays in the body, here are few which concern acne and help get rid of it.

Water is a natural detoxifier and is the most effective one.

It helps remove toxins from the body.

These toxins include certain hormones which trigger acne by increasing sebum production from the sebaceous glands present just below the skin.

The actual function of this sebum is to keep the skin moist and prevent its cracking.

But the problem occurs when the mouth of these glands, opening in skin pores, are blocked with dust and dead skin mixed with sebum.

The sebum cannot escape gets accumulated below the skin, causing red, painful and inflammatory heads called acne.

Situation is aggravated when acne gets infected by bacteria. Sebum production is otherwise natural and normal but is increased in teens due to these hormones.

Water takes these hormones away from body with urine and sweat.

The more you drink water, the more you urinate and sweat more toxins are removed from the body.

Water promotes perspiration which opens the mouth of these sebaceous glands as well as helps remove the blockages thereby helping cure acne again.

Some fats are also lost with urine, promoting the healing further.

Water also helps clear bowels which indirectly gives relief from acne

Monday, April 7, 2008

Acne - In Depth Questions And Answers

Acne - In Depth Questions And Answers
Korbin Newlyn

Acne is a commonplace skin problem for the majority of adolescents and also afflicts a portion of the adult population.

People of all different age groups and backgrounds have had to deal with acne at one point or another.

Thus, there has long been a long standing desire to prevent it or even cure it.

We will take a look at some of the various causes of acne in addition to some of the various ways in which people are treated.

Our hope with this article is that you will gain a better understanding as to the reasons why people get acne and what they can do for prevention and treatment.

What is acne?

For many thousands of years, people have wrestled with acne.

Acknowledged in some cultures as a kind of curse from the gods for immoral behavior, acne has mostly been misunderstood.

Only within roughly the past century has the medical field been able to distinguish the true causes of acne.

As some might expect, this has permitted those who are afflicted with blemishes to gain a certain sense of relief.

An inflammatory disease of the skin, acne is the consequence of serious changes in the skin's structure.

Acne is considered to be the body's unique response to a relatively natural production of testosterone, a male hormone.

Instead of a sign that one's skin is not clean, acne is more closely related with the hormonal and bacterial activity underneath the skin, which finally leads to the irritation of the skin.

The end result is the red swelling that we know as acne.

What is The Most Common Type of Acne?

One may think that all acne is the alike, but in fact it is not. As with all irritations of the skin, there are several forms involved.

Some are believed more serious and harder to eliminate than others.

The most usual kind is acne vulgaris, which only means "common acne," ordinarily signified by a red swelling of the skin.

Soon after the initial signs, the white or yellow pus that people associate with acne becomes evident.

This is the type of acne that the majority of teenagers get, caused when excessive amounts of oil from the sebaceous gland combine with dead skin cells to end up clogging the pores of the skin.

Since the skin's pores are blocked, oil continues to build up, hence permitting bacteria and yeast to spread.

This surplus of bacteria and yeast is what finally does tons of damage to a persons skin.

What Are The Mental Effects of Acne?

Acne might show a body's failure to properly deal with hormonal changes. Acne can suggest that a person is not handling stress in an effective manner.

It might be an indication of a potentially serious allergic reaction to a medication or other type of element.

It is not these effects of acne that tend to do the most damage, though.

Acne is more than a health issue, acne is known to cause people (mainly teens) a sense of shame as well as embarrassment.

Acne is incorrectly associated with being unclean.

Clear, healthy skin is associated with cleanliness, while severe forms of acne are frequently thought to be the effect of sanitary neglect.

Not just that, acne can be ugly and turn people away.

The majority of people who experience severe acne are emotionally scarred by the social rejection, contributing to adolescent emotional insecurity and a sense of self-doubt.

Because of this, acne should be treated as rapidly and as thoroughly as possible.

Isn't it True That Staying Clean Helps Prevent Acne?It is always a healthier alternative to rid your skin of toxins as well as dirt that accumulate throughout your normal daily routine.

So yes, to some extent, it is true that washing your skin can help prevent or decrease acne. Acne is a chemical element, and it is something that occurs beneath the surface of the skin to a greater degree than on the skin itself.

Both cleansing on a daily basis as well as care of one's skin will help in reducing the bacteria that resides on the surface of the skin, but these actions cannot decrease the testosterone levels below the surface of the skin that help to create acne.

Recognizing this underlying fact should help to reduce some of the stigma that is accompanied with acne. It should also allow people who are enduring their acne to take some degree of comfort in understanding that they are not necessarily less clean than other people.

The truth is that they have very little actual control over what is going on beneath their skin.

What Are Some of The Other Elements Involved That Increase the Probability of Getting Acne?

That is a good question, and one that is likely on everyone's mind. The tough part about acne is that there is not one single element that can prompt it. Several factors help cause acne.

Some of them can be circumvented, while others cannot.

For instance, one cannot change their family history, but this is one very important factor in influencing the development of some form of acne.

Hormonal activity is another. Women who are pregnant or who are menstruating have been known to abruptly acquire bad cases of acne.

Other elements, such as stress and certain medications, can also bring about acne. Bear in mind, acne is based on the hormonal changes that occur within the body.

Any life-changing or stress-inducing occurrence is likely to alter a person's chemical makeup. Lastly, the accumulation of dead skin cells often contributes to increased acne

Thursday, March 20, 2008

How to Treat Acne With Mesotherapy

How to Treat Acne With Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy has been used since the 1950's in Europe to treat injuries and medical conditions. It can reduce cellulite, promote weight loss, get rid of fat deposits and treat acne. Physicians deposit small amounts of medicine, vitamins, amino acids and mineral into your skin. They work under the surface to treat and heal the area

Step 1:

Find a doctor who performs mesotherapy regularly. Look in the phone book and online using search engines. As the popularity of mesotherapy increases, more doctors are performing the treatments.

Step 2:

Set an appointment to discuss your acne with the doctor. Talk about that medicines he would inject in your face. Discuss the treatment options and find out how many sessions you will need.

Step 3:

Look at the doctor's credentials. You want someone who performs mesotherapy often. Ask for before and after pictures.

Step 4:

Choose a physician who has proven results treating acne. You don't want to be a guinea pig for the treatment.

Step 5:

Get allergy tested the day before your first mesotherapy treatment. The test will ensure that you're not allergic to the medications.

Step 6:

Schedule treatment sessions for once a week or once every other week. Know that each session takes about 45 minutes.

Step 7:

Go back to work the same day as your treatment. Most patients don't need to take time off for mesotherapy

Tips & Warnings
  • Mesotherapy carries a slight risk of infection.
  • You may experience black and blue marks.
  • You may be sore for a few days.
  • Side effects include a burning sensation that lasts 15 to 20 minutes.

Friday, March 7, 2008

How to Steam Treat for Acne

How to Steam Treat for Acne by By eHow Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor

Steaming the face is the best way to start a facial treatment. It opens pores, allowing any impurities to soften and makes extraction easier. It also provides the moisture that your skin craves. To top it all off, steam treatment for acne allows you to just sit relaxed with your eyes closed.

Step 1:
Find a large pot and fill it two-thirds full of water. Put the pot on the stove and wait for it to begin boiling.

Step 2:
Add natural acne healing remedies like essential oils or whole herbs to the water just as it begins to boil.

Mint helps to loosen dirt and oil in pores and the fresh scent clears sinuses. Rose hips release vitamin A, known for its regenerative properties.

Lavender is not only relaxing, but has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Step 3:
Remove the pot from the stove after a few minutes of rapid boiling. Place it on a trivet or hot pad on a table where you can comfortably sit, like a kitchen table.

Step 4:
Drape a towel over your head. Choose one that is large enough to cover your entire head and still hang over the sides of the pot, like a bath towel.

This helps to create a steam bath by keeping the vapors inside the towel's tent rather than allowing the steam to escape into the room.

Step 5:
Place your face directly over the pot of water, keeping it far enough away so the steam doesn't burn the skin.

Close your eyes and breathe the steam in. If it becomes too hot, simply take your face away from the steam and come back to the steam as soon as you can.

Step 6:
Allow the steam and natural acne treatment to saturate your skin, penetrating any existing acne, for 10 minutes or until the water has cooled.

Step 7:
Begin an extraction process or finish the steam treatment by rinsing your face with cool water to close the pores

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sensitive Skin And Acne

Sensitive Skin And Acne by Daniel Les

Did you know that shifting to healthful diet as natural treatment is better than artificially prepared ones? If you are born rich you have better access to highly endorsed medications that work best to a particular health or skin condition. You can also counter the growing number and worsening condition of acne through natural or alternative treatments. Should you wait until the inflammation of you hair follicle and your face is completely covered by acne? Of course not! Try to be conscious of the food you in-take. You may start to read books about healthy diet so that you would be oriented about which food should you watch out. Some chitchat with your personal doctor could be a big help.

You may be advised not to eat much of processed food and always include servings of fruit and vegetables in your daily meals. If you can do away with refined sugar, do so because that is not healthfully good for you. Never eat food that is deeply fried because that would only aggravate your glands over production of oil. Do not consume much carbonated beverages, caffeine, chocolate, milk products, shellfish, etc. Develop a water therapy through drinking 8-9 glasses of water every day.

Did you know that cleaning the skin properly is the first step in extremely caring for your skin? Almost everyday, you are exposed to the outside pollution-prone environment. Think of your newly bathed and beautifully dressed self with make-up. Before you reach your working place especially if you are just commuting from your home to office, your perspiration can produce unwanted grease, making your make up stale and accumulating dust, dirt and bacteria on your skin. What have been added on your external facial skin must immediately be removed through cleansing cream, plain cold cream, milk or lotion in order not to trigger the production of acne. Nourish your skin and if possible do not dry out your skin.

You must know the sensitivity of your skin. If you have earlier discovered that you are very much prone to acne, treat it before it multiplies and becomes worse than you have imagined. If you can afford the regular salon treatments or do an improvised facial treatment at home, do so. There is nothing better than pampering your skin with the treatments it deserves. The stakes are high, if you choose to ignore the needs of your skin especially if you are suffering from skin problems or you have the historical account of acne-related personal skin problematic experiences.

Did you know of naturopathy treatment for acne? Out in the market are numerous wonder creams that promise effective and only the best ever treatment. However, there are those creams which are just endorsed and created by people of all walks of life without the expert medical knowledge and might be having harsh chemical content. Watch out for the ingredients used in the cream you are using because that might even cause worse breakage, greatly irreversible skin damage and permanent lesions and skin marks. You can however, use natural herbal treatments on your acne prone body areas. Using any natural therapy guarantees no undesirable aftermath on the skin.

If you could drink 3 liters of water a day and include in your daily diet fiber-rich food, fruit and vegetables, then you would likely get glowing, healthy and acne-free or diseased-free skin or reduced sebaceous glands production of oil. Water therapy works a big wonder in your body mechanism that generates balanced oil content in your body. During summer season, or hot days, you can give yourself the special treat of cool drinks, to ice cream parlor, and of fruity salad among the other potential treats. Naturally, submit yourself to natural therapy.

Did you encounter Microdermabrasion treatment? This kind of treatment is claimed to heal acne-infected skin and reduce the formation of scars and blemishes. Also, this treatment is said to prevent the blocking of congested skin pores. Microdermabrasion is a treatment that is not administered by just anyone except the qualified dermatologists. What is good about Microdermabrasion? This technique promises a painless process, so the patient cannot be under sedation. For infection-free condition, the qualified surgical expert only performs Microdermabrasion surgery under sterile conditions. The dead cells are sucked out by a fine-crystal made jet. In this useful technique, the blocked pore is washed away; hence the skin is healthfully regenerated.

Never expose your skin to sun or wind, because any exposure to either of them causes peeling and negative reaction. The patient needs to be careful during the post-surgical care because the skin tends to redden and swell up. Great results from Microdermabrasion are not guaranteed always. Aside from, its operation per se is quite delicate, so only expert hands are handling this kind of special treatment. If the patient has undergone a surgical operation, s/he must observed many dos and donts in order not to aggravate the condition and to lessen the recovery period.

Did you know that youve got to treat your acne before its effects becomes skin deep and lasting? Nowadays, almost everybody becomes erudite of what acne is and its worse consequence to the psychological and social state of a growing person. There are individuals who have not shelled out from their own world of anti-socialism and solitude, because when they were growing up, they were swallowed up by the embarrassment to show their real face value. A teenager usually has his or her imaginary audience whom s/he believes applies to everyone whom s/he is mingling with. The teenagers whose faces are almost covered by acne can hardly socialize in schools or outdoors because of low self-image.

Sometimes, they tend to become masochistic because they feel as though they are not in to their circles. The parents of these growing teens must be sensitive enough because psychologically the latter have to overcome their ill-feeling about their image and win over their anxiety toward their bad self-projection. They need to win over their confidence and have to be aware that they there is a wide range of solutions for their acne condition.

The adults, on the one hand, who poorly have outgrown their psychosocial problem that is caused by their inherited worse acne condition, experience an almost skin deep insecurity especially whenever they have to hunt for job. Do not wait until you or your child becomes aloof because of you or your childs skin condition. Anyway, acne has become too common that treatments have become widespread and available anywhere.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Body Acne Treatment

Body Acne Treatment by Robert Baird

Acne refers to the reddish inflammations that are formed on the skin and affect mostly the face. It has been revealed that acne is the most common skin problem which affects teenagers and almost every teenager is faced with the problem of acne formation on their skin.

In adults, the tendency of acne formation greatly reduces and it is about 25% of the adults who actually have acne.

Acnes are detrimental to one's outer appearance and more often these blemishes on the skin make individuals appear extremely unattractive.

These swellings are visible and cannot be covered up easily and therefore teenagers no doubt dread the sight of acne on their skins.

There are various different ways which can be considered as helpful in treating acne problems among teenagers.

One of the foremost factors that need to be borne in mind in case of acne treatments amidst teenagers is that the daily diet and lifestyle also contribute immensely in acne formation.

It is known that excess oil secretion leads to the formation of acne in most cases.

Therefore it is advisable that teenagers avoid oily food and try and incorporate more and more fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet.

Acne is a very prevalent skin problem among the teenagers and there are various products available which aid in treating acne amidst them.

There are various medicinal products available in the markets guaranteeing acne reduction and removal and one among them which has been considered to be the best in case of teenagers is benzoyl peroxide.

Benzoyl peroxide is an ingredient which aims to make the skin dry and then this layer of skin is usually peeled off and a new and healthy layer of fresh skin reappears in its place.

Thus it is helpful in treating acne and also its anti-bacterial properties are conducive to prevent the spread of the acne forming bacteria. There are also several home remedies for treating acne among the teenagers.

These include making pasts out of natural ingredients and applying it on the face in the form of a facial mask and washing it off later.

Cucumber is very effective for this purpose and it also helps in rejuvenating the skin.

A mixture of the essential oils and tea tree extract is extremely effective in treating acne in teenagers as it facilitates the elimination of bacteria, dirt and excess oil from the skin which contribute immensely in acne formation.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Acne Scars And Implications

Acne Scars And Implications

All of us dread getting hurt or succumbing to viral infections, they always leave a scar that is very obvious and makes us subject to ridicule or torment from friends and others. Chicken pox is another disease that all of us fear, not because it puts us under house arrest or brings about ugly boils all over our body, but because it is likely to leave scars, reminder for what we went through. Similarly, acne too at times will leave nasty scars on the skin surface as it fades away. There are no creams available that would make it vanish without a trace. However, some people are lucky enough to not have any scars whereas others will have crater like scars on their face, especially in the cheek area.

Acne scar, for many, leads to de-moralizing oneself and low levels of self esteem and at times even depression in people across the world. Acne scars look like small flattened discs on the affected areas, be it the face, fore arms, buttocks and other parts of the body. Yes, acne does appear on the posterior region ever so often and it is primarily because that part of our body does not get much of air and is prone to bacteria the most. If a survey was to be done, you would find that nearly 90% of the world population suffers from this skin condition and at least 70% of them are in the age group of 13-22 years. Their hormones are changing and they have no way of controlling the natural reaction their body has to this process.

For some, the scars mean distortion of their appearance and they would try to remove them as soon as possible. Since the scars don't disappear on their own, people go in for treatments or surgeries if need be. The conditions on which the removal of acne scars is based are,

1. Severe scarring on the face or somewhere visible
2. Medical history of the person and their present health condition
3. The Type of acne that the person is suffering from
4. The patients preference on mode of treatment
5. Are they allergic to any particular medication or products that could go into an acne care ointment

The kind of treatment adopted will depend on the patient and what is their reason for the removal procedure chosen. If they have a profession that expects them to look good at all times or work at a high profile corporate job and cannot afford to have scars on their face. How severe the scar is will determine the medium used for making it vanish. If the scar is mild, it can be treated with gels or ointments, but if it is harsh, and skin deep, there would be surgical procedures or skin grafting that might need to be done to correct the condition.

Keeping in mind the person's mental and physical condition, the dermatologist will advise a scar removal process. If the patient accepts the prescribed mode, it will be carried out else an alternative will be sought. But whatever you decide, keep your age and future consequences in mind before taking the plunge.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Adult Acne Treatment

Adult Acne Treatment
by Oliver Turner

Acne is a type of skin lesion infected by a bacterium called P.Acnes. The lesion is formed due to blockage of sebum follicle thereby trapping sebum. Acne affects almost everybody. It affects most during adolescence. However for many it continues into late adult hood. However, after 20s acne is reduced considerably for most. Acne that appears during adulthood is generally termed as adult acne. However this acne is not very much different from the acne in adolescence. It generally affects the chest and back.

Treatment for adult acne is no different from the usual treatment for acne. The treatments available are:
Anti bacterial acne dermatology treatment: In this treatment antibacterials like benzoyl peroxide, triclosan and chlorhexidine gluconate are used to kill the bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide is considered the best over the counter acne product.

Skin defoliant acne dermatology treatment: In this treatment skin defoliants like salicylic acid and glycolic acid are used to open up the pores.

Antibiotic acne dermatology treatment: In this treatment antibiotics like clindamycin, erythromycin, and tetracycline are applied on the affected area or taken orally to kill the bacteria.

Retinoidal acne dermatology treatment: In this treatment retinoids like tretinoin, adapaline, retinol and isotretinoin are used to regulate the follicle life cycle.

Hormonal acne dermatology treatment: In this treatment hormones like cyproterone, drospirenone and cortisone are used to control the sebum production.

Acne light treatment: The latest acne treatment is phototherapy or acne light treatment in which the affected area is irradiated with light of a particular wavelength. The light kills the bacteria by producing free radicals in the bacteria. It has been found to be quite effective.

Self medication can be dangerous. Consult your doctor before using any medicine listed above. The acne medicines are given generally in combination with dietary supplements like Acuzine. They work by providing vital ingredients required by the skin to recover. Acuzine consists of ingredients like anti-oxidants, vitamins E & C, hydrolyzed collagen, ALA, DMAE, Aloe vera, Bioperine etc useful for rebuilding the skin.

3 Acne Natural Treatments That Really Work

3 Acne Natural Treatments That Really Work

Natural treatments for acne are never publicized in commercials but God knows a little something about clearing up your skin problems. With that said, you're going to need an acne natural treatment that will clean your pores thoroughly. Any treatment that does this must make sure that your skin stays healthy by stopping any blemish causing germs before they get started. There are many natural treatments for stubborn skin problems that you can use at home. I will highlight several of them for you in this article.

Let's get started -

Acne Natural Treatment #1:A raw potato is an ideal natural treatment for your acne problems, especially for whiteheads.

Acne Natural Treatment #2:Apply green-tea bags to the skin directly on and around skin blemishes

Acne Natural Treatment #3:Use almond oil to re-hydrate your skin after using any acne treatment.

These simple suggestions can provide relief to many of ones acne problems. Need more acne natural treatments? Read all this blog for more information

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Acne Treatment And Its Importance

The Acne Treatment And Its Importance By: Ckint Jhonson

Every acne case lowers the person’s self esteem and confidence in the social relationships he/she has. The self confidence is thus likely to be destroyed and the person will have to leave with the acne condition in case that he/she is not aware that there are many acne treatments on the current market. These treatments are likely to be effective enough. Every affected person will find it difficult to mingle with the family or friends; the acne condition will always reside in the back of his/her mind. Living with acne can become quite difficult in case that the acne treatment is not used in the proper manner.

Every person’s self confidence will be lowered by the constant presence of the pimples and the scars they are likely to leave behind; even if acne is usually regarded as a small and inoffensive bump that may affect one’s skin, the person can become quite shy because of these bumps that may affect the entire surface of his/her skin. The acne can even prevent a person from going outdoors; therefore, every acne condition is to be cured with professional assistance because the acne treatments have to be prescribed according to every condition.

The proper medications are to be prescribed by the dermatologist; these medications will be used in order to heal the existing pimples and prevent the future acne from becoming too severe on certain parts of the skin. There are a lot of advices that are to be followed in order to prevent your acne from becoming worse. For instance, you will have to consider using the acne treatments that are right for your skin type. You will have to stop yourself from scratching, cutting the affected areas of your skin or pressing because all these circumstances are likely to aggravate your present condition.

You have to pay attention to all the previous advices because, if you do not take them into account, you are likely to end up by having large scars that are mot treatable; these scars may be hard to hide and therefore, you will have to prevent them from appearing on your face. Regardless of your acne condition, the acne will dent all your confidence levels and you will have to deal with this by using the acne treatment that has been prescribed to you. For instance, you will have to pay attention to all the cleansers that are on the market in order to search the right one for your skin type.

You should not rely only on the advertisements that claim that a certain cleanser may work miracles in your case. On the contrary, you will have to pay attention to the dermatologist’s advice and search for the right products without making any experiments on your skin condition. You will have to take into account the possibility that may of these advertised products are just big scams; therefore, you will have to make your own research in order to determine which kind of products is likely to work in your case.

The acne treatments may come in a wide variety you will have to consider in order to find the treatment that will prevent your acne condition from becoming worse. The topical cleansers may be added to the dermatologist’s prescription but you have to be aware that such a products in not likely to work only by itself. On the contrary, the oral treatment is to be considered especially if you have developed a severe form of acne. These topical cleansers are usually used in order to dry the natural oils of the skin thus leading to less acne. But you have to be careful when deciding to use such a cleanser in order not to dry your skin too much.

You may even try to exfoliate your skin on a daily basis but you will also have to pay attention to this method too in order not to damage your skin; for instance, you have to be perfectly aware that over exfoliating is likely to result in drier skin that may be affected by worse acne conditions. Therefore, you will have to exfoliate your skin just once a week in order not to dry your skin thus making it more prone to developing worse acne conditions. The acne treatment may think of the exfoliation as a sort of additional feature but this process must not replace the dermatologist’s prescription when it comes to using some drugs in order to heal your acne condition.

You may also be careful when choosing the acne cleansers that have acid ingredients because this type of ingredients may burn your skin if not properly used. These ingredients are mainly used in order to remove the dead cells that are to be found at the surface of your skin but they should be prevented from going too deep. The block pores will be unclogged and even the excess oil is likely to be removed thus leading to a much brighter and cleaner skin. But these products are to be used only if you are suffering from milder forms of acne condition.