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Acne Domestic Treatments

Acne Domestic Treatments

There are a lot of elements that may cause acne. You can be predisposed to acne by your genetics. You can have increased hormone levels. Especially, when it has to do with androgens, male hormones, which both men and women have in different amounts. Sebaceus glands in the skin, which produce sebum, are highly sensitive to hormones and their varying amount may cause acne.

In most cases acne is caused by the improper production of sebum. This may be caused by a variety of factors. Your skin may be prone to acne due to your genetic predisposition, especially if your parents have had history of acne too. Acne breakout may also be caused by stress and psychological factors. It is important that you understand what causes acne to be able identify and treat acne without any psychological side-effects.

here are many professional (which in most cases means expensive) acne treatments out there on the market. But if you can’t afford them — don’t worry, there are many simple products, which will help you eliminating acne if used correct. All you have to do is follow the guidelines and choose the most effective method? Which works best for you.

The most simple and common domestic treatment for acne — is anything that contains salicylic acid. Best of all is to use a salicylic acid facial cleanser. This acid will normalized the functioning of sebaceus glands and respectively the production of sebum.

Another way to prevent the development of acne is to avoid scrubbing. Many people make a mistake when assume that acne is dirt and scrubbing will help remove it. Fact is that scrubbing will only worsen your condition, because it will irritate the skin, which is already very sensitive and damaged.

Many tend to prick acne, but this also should be avoided. Pricking may result in a longer recovery period and like scrubbing will damage your sensitive skin. Instead try using mild soap when washing your face. You can consult with a pharmacist to select a skin cleanser or soap that will be most effective in your situation.

If you have an oily type of skin, benzoyl peroxide will help dry up the skin and reduce bacteria, which causes acne. In case you have a dry type of skin, you should avoid benzoyl peroxide, and use a non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic moisturizer. Non -comedogenic moisturizers are created especially for acne-rpone skin.

In case you aren’t successful at eliminating acne on your won, it’s better to consult with a professional dermatologist. A professional doctor may suggest different treatments according to your individual case, some of which are topical antibacterial or antibiotics, retinoic acids, oral antibiotics and Accutane. In rare cases patients are suggested with surgical procedures, especially when the condition is severe. Some birth control pills are also known to treat acne in women, because they normalize hormone levels.

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Wash your face with buttermilk several times a day. This will treat the pimples and also make your face shinier and healthier. Just rub the peel of an orange onto the pimples so that its juices moisten them completely. Honey has antibacterial properties which shorten the lifespan of acne sweetly.