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An Overview Of Laser Acne Treatment

An Overview Of Laser Acne Treatment

If you suffer from severe acne, you should think about laser acne treatment. Acne isn't a new problem, and millions of people suffer from it. There is now a way of effectively treating acute acne.

For acne treatment to be effective has to address the key causes of acne, and not just the visual effects. Laser treatments for acne target the excess oil, skin bacteria, and inflammation resulting in acne. There are several unique ways that laser acne treatments target these causes, but the service you have in the doctor's clinic stays the same irrespective of how the laser targets your acne.

During your laser treatment procedure, the doctor will press a hand held laser to your skin. Facial acne is most commonly addressed by laser treatment, however this procedure can be applied to deal with acne anyplace on your body, this includes your back or chest.

Laser treatments will help with existing acne, as well as stopping flare-ups in the future. The results of laser acne treatment will last for up to two years after the procedure, providing you long-term results. Some acne treatment lasers will also be applied to reduce the appearance of acne scarring from previous cases.

Most laser treatments for acne operate by disabling or shrinking the sebaceous glands, which produce oil that clogs your hair follicles or pores. There is also a laser which applies blue light, which targets the p.acnes bacteria that cause acne by infecting your skin.

Most people choose to undergo several laser sessions to improve their results. Despite this, many patients report they have visible results after just their first treatment. Each session happens in the doctor's clinic and should last a few minutes. It is not unpleasant, however it might feel similar to a rubber band snapping on your skin.

After treatment, you may find that your skin is a bit red and sore, but you can go back to your normal activities as soon as you feel ready. If you are undergoing several treatment sessions, allow over a week between each of them, this will allow for your skin to fully heal between sessions.

People who have tried different acne treatments, like creams, without success are ideal candidates for laser acne treatment. Because laser acne treatments are performed at scheduled appointments there isn't the hassle linked with acne creams or medicines.

It is often not used on patients that only have mild or occasional acne. Using lasers for acne treatment is an effective means to achieve clear healthy skin, and boosting your self-confidence. If you believe laser acne treatment might be good for you, arrange an appointment with a dermatologist. The dermatologist will assess your skin and acne, and assess if laser treatment for acne is the right treatment for you.

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