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Water - The Secret Ingredient Of Acne Treatments

Water - The Secret Ingredient Of Acne Treatments

Tap water
Water - the secret ingredient of acne treatments but tap water these days can be a dangerous liquid as there is chlorine and other unhealthy ingredients in it. However, tap water has sodium. Sodium is a natural ingredient that comes from salt deposits in the earth. Sodium provides essential nutrients, yet if you have too much it could also cause high blood pressure. Thus, a healthy balance of sodium in water is good.

Calcium is also present in water and the average adult requires between 1000 and 1200 milligrams daily. Hard water though, may have a third of calcium. It is recommended that you drink eight glasses of water daily.

Calcium is good for protecting the heart against disease and it helps to fight certain cancers. Magnesium is also found in water and this ingredient helps control muscle contractions. It also helps to prevent blood clotting, and provides the body metabolized proteins as well as with helping with other bodily functions. Yet, hard water has too much magnesium.

Fluoride is said to help prevent cavities. Only a small amount is needed. If you use too much fluoride, it is said to cause bone disease.

Hard Water and Tap Water
Tap water and hard water has chlorine. The chlorine is used to sanitize the water by disinfecting it. Chlorine water however, has links to cancer. Since the time water supplies had chlorine added, the incidences of certain cancers increased. There is also lead in hard water and some tap water and this lead causes health problems also. People who have low doses of lead in their bloodstream have experienced problems in learning, with lower IQ, behavioral problems, attention deficits, and so forth.

The body requires water, but if you plan to use water as an acne treatment then it is best to drink spring water, or organic water. Some of the natural ingredients in fresh water can help improve your skin.

However, water as the secret ingredient of acne treatments is not the only solution. Acne is a condition caused from hormones, skin oils, and bacteria, which builds up in the skin and breaks down the sebum halting it from leaving the hair follicles.

The problem of acne then is not an absence of water, but a bacterial build up. Thus, certain fruits and herbs coupled with eight glasses of fresh water daily may help you reduce acne problems more effectively.

You can learn more about acne treatments, such as fruits and herbs by visiting the internet. Take time to study fresh water ingredients to find out how it can benefit you more.

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