Sunday, December 30, 2007

Acne Laser Rosacea Treatment – Get Rid Of Marks

Acne laser rosacea treatment is being offered by many cosmetic outfits and many people have opted for such treatments. Acne rosacea occurs in people within 30-50 years of age. The cheeks and the nose are most common areas affected by this inflammatory disease. The chin, forehead, chest, scalp and ears may also get affected. First a few pimples may occur some of which may have pus followed by tiny blood vessels that appear on the face giving it a flushed or reddish appearance. The disease may progress into a condition called Rhinophyma.

Acne laser rosacea treatment has indeed made a drastic change as people are symptom free. Such treatment gives them a chance to look youthful, have a more even color, free from the flushing/redness associated with rosacea. VBeam Pulsed Dye laser and Intense Pulsed Light (laser like light treatment) have both been successful in treating patients suffering from rosacea. The VBeam laser has been used in treating patients with vascular problems since the last two decades. Many are treated using a combination of the pulsed dye laser as well as the IPL technology. A non coherent, broad spectrum light is emitted by the IPL device which is used to treat rosacea. The light is absorbed by the skin and it successfully destroys the abnormal vessels reducing the redness

Acne laser rosacea treatment is done using the VBeam dye pulsed laser. An intense burst of laser is directed at the affected area. This is safe on the skin as the skin is cooled seconds prior to the laser treatment by a dynamic cooling device. The small blood vessels in the area absorb the light which greatly reduces the redness.

It is recommended that patients seek the guidance of a qualified healthcare practitioner before they decide to opt for treatment. This consultation is crucial as it helps the dermatologist to determine if it is safe for you to get treated based on your health, skin condition and family history. The Acne laser rosacea treatment is best done after a patch test has been performed. Be sure to find out how many treatments may be required. The procedure may cost $100 - $450 or more per session for a laser treatment where as an IPL treatment may cost as much as $3000 for the entire treatment process. The treatment is done with gaps of 3-4 weeks between each sitting.

The patch test is required and you need to wait and see if any redness, swellings, sores and/or hypo/hyper pigmentation occurs. If there are no adverse reactions to your patch Acne laser rosacea treatment you may be advised on what you can and cannot do two weeks prior to the treatment. It is better not to consider going in for a treatment if you are planning a pregnancy or are pregnant.

The skin may appear to be reddish and swollen for 1-2 days after treatment. In some cases hypo/hyper pigmentation may occur which may be permanent, scarring is possible too. It is best that you consult a physician who is reputable and has successfully treated many other people using the Acne laser rosacea treatment technology.

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