Monday, December 17, 2007

Remove Your Acne In Only 3 Easy Steps

Remove Your Acne In Only 3 Easy Steps by Alejandro Bustos

Almost 85% of people had acne in their teenage age, but the acne can affect every people at any age, 1 in every 4 adults are acne sufferers.

Sometimes the acne can be inherited, but is not possible; normally the process for the acne birth is the following:
A. The sebaceous gland produce excess of sebum (oil)
B. This oil is mixed with the dead and dry skin, it accumulates in the pores and blocks.
C. The bacteria infect the pores
D. It begins to appear the acne.

Fortunately, today there are many acne treatments and products to treat acne and prevent it, the most prominent among them are: Proactiv and TriClear.

Before, there were many treatments temporarily cured the acne problem, for instance, was the Benzoil Peroxide which was the most common response to deal with acne, but rash and dry the skin, that produce more oil and this brought as a result more and more acne again and again.
But now there’s a lot of treatments and acne products on the market that do not irritate or dry your skin, rather maintain your natural glow, much of these treatments can be: zeno, acnease, accutane, stridex, zenmed, tetrasil, astara, phytome, neutrogena, biore, phisoderm, and others, but most recommend is TriClear.

These products and treatments can remove your acne in only 3 steps, typically act the same way, some take longer than others but the results tend to be the same:
1. Clean: Clean pores, removes dead skin and surface bacterias.
2. Cure: The gel acts absorbs and controlling the oil excess.
3. Soothe: While eliminates acne continues moisturizes skin, Salicylic Acid reduces oil production, and finally nourishes the skin to prevent future blockades of sebum (oil).

No matter the product or treatment you choose, the important thing is to frequently visit the dermatologist, is the only who can really tell which is best for your skin type.

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